The three steps system for a private trademark
– your way to success

We specialize in producing private trademarks. The factory has the ability to adjust its activity for both small or big quantities with accordance to the customer’s requirements.

Using the professional knowledge which has been acquired during decades in the field, we accompany our customers in product assembly, in importing and purchasing quality raw materials, in approved graphics with accordance to the standards of the Ministry of Health, and in creating an arranged and up-to-date product portfolio.

The three steps system is easy, fast and it allows to owners of both small and big business to enjoy a private nutritional supplements trademark: capsules, tablets, powder and more.

choose a product that you want to produce, choose quantity and we will accompany you until the product will arrive to you.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Factory Services

  • Client customized production series
  • Under the supervision of the Ministry of Health
  • Planning and designing of the product from planning step to execution
  • Accompanying by a professional team
  • All of the advantages of a private trademark, in a distance of a decision
  • Alluring pricing and high compensation